Urgent! The pdf document is dimmed!

Using mn3 on iPadPro 11inch 2gan.
This screen shot is a comparison of the document I scanned(300dpi, Searchable pdf) with the MarginNote3 User Guide document. The left side is MarginNote3 App and the right side is Adobe Acrobat Reader App.

ReadMode is also blurry, but especially when mind maps need to be viewed together, the document is severely blurred (it should be as clear as the right screen in the split-screen picture).
This scan document is also clearly displayed in Notability, xodo, flexcil, and Windows10 also display clearly, such as the Adobe Acrobat Reader App.

I tried both apple and mn3 pdf render engine in the settings, but there was no significant improvement.(mn3 engine even has a slow processing speed).

I study on iPadPro for eight hours a day. In situations where documents need to be read for a long time, blurry quality makes the eyes very tired (especially when mind maps need to be viewed together).

I would appreciate it if you could let me know how to solve this problem or solve it quickly through an update.

  • To see the difference in sharpness in a document, you must download and view the Screenshot(do not zoom in).

Maybe you need to wait for a second or choose higher dpi.
I don’t which dpi is better, you can make experiments with 3or4 pages of your book to decide which one is suitable.
But searchable pdf with higher dpi will be very large, I remember that I transformed a book with 450 pages to searchable pdf and it’s volume reached 1.4G(high dpi),which only 50M with lower dpi.
ps: Abbyy is best choice to do such things(I think),and you need to OCR it with yourself.

No matter how long you wait, the quality of the document doesn’t seem to improve. The current scan document has a resolution of 2220*3070, 300dpi. I think it’s already high quality enough. As you said, if the capacity increases to 50 MB -> 1.4 gigabytes, I think it’s a real hard-to-use way because of lack of storage space. I’m already saving several GB of documents in 300dpi.
Also, the MarginNote3 User Guide built into the MarginNote3 App is a typical pdf (vector graphic font), not a scan pdf. Nonetheless, the text looks blurry, so I don’t know if scanning in high-dpi is the right way. All vector graphic font pdf that I have are blurry only in the margin note 3 app (though they look a little better than the scan pdf).
Crucially, this scan document is clearly represented by other software. But let’s test one page of the scanned document in high dpi.

P.S. I’m also currently using ABBYY FineReader 15 OCR Editor to create a searchable pdf. I think it’s a good program.
Thank you for your reply.

emmm,this confused me.I don’t have better idea, if change the pdf engine is another way?
You can email developer ,that’s might be helpful.

I asked because I thought the developer would answer if I asked here. If the developer doesn’t respond here, I will send an email to the developer. Is the document clearly expressed on your device? I expected this to be a problem with all the iPad.


Hello, how big is this PDF of yours? Is it convenient to send us this notebook for testing?

Kind Regards,
Support Team

We can send you a document. Since it is for testing, I have extracted only two pages and uploaded them.
But isn’t the problem of blurring vector graphic font documents a compatibility problem with iPadPro 11inch ?

doc1 MarginNote3 test.pdf (1.0 MB) doc2 MarginNote3 User Guide.pdf (2.1 MB)

I’ve backed up and uploaded another document with a little smaller capacity. This document is also very blurry. The last picture was opened in the Adobe Acrobat Reader app. It needs to be expressed clearly like this to be normal. Please analyze it. I sincerely hope that this problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

07편 (2021-01-14-14-28-09).marginpkg (34.7 MB)

no,some books are clear and some not.But I study on my pc with MN3 recently, so it’s not a puzzled problem with a much lager screen :joy:

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I also think so. I feel it is more a matter between the pdf renderer and iPad Pro than the characteristics of the document.
Today, I am also studying patiently even though the document looks blurry… (The document should look as clear as the second image.)

my PDFs and mn3 userguide don’t have this problem. So sorry i can’t help you. :pensive:
PS: my scanned PDFs are all 600dpi and 1200dpi, scanned by fujitsuix1500.

Thank you for your answer. I look forward to hearing from the MarginNote-Relight Support Team. My iCloud lacks capacity, so I think 300dpi is the limit. And I think 300dpi is enough because it’s clearly expressed in other pdf apps. :joy:


Hello, I've tried it without any problems, are you on version 3.6.19? Try to database Defragmentation for it?

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Thank you for your answer. Yes, the version is 3.6.19. I’ve just executed the Database Defragmentation. The loading speed of the mind map has improved, but there has been no change in the quality of the documentation. Is there no other way?
(This is a MN3 User Guide. Screenshot taken by adjusting the font size of the mind map and the font size of the document to be similar. The font on the mind map is clear, but the font on the document is blurry.)


Do you enlarge the PDF a bit? If it is very small, it will be blurred.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

To make it easier to understand, we took a screenshot of the document by making it smaller. However, I always feel that the document is blurry (the first screenshot I uploaded to the post shows that the document was taken in a big way, but it was blurry). This is because documents are very clearly represented in other document apps.

As you said, the larger the document, the clearer it becomes. However, if you are zooming in on a document and you do not try to swipe your finger vertically, you will always use it to fit the frame because of the inconvenience of the document moving from side to side when you flip the page. This is because even if you swipe your finger roughly, you can move the page as you intended.
The screen shot may not seem to make a big difference, but reading the document all day makes my eyes very tired.

The same symptom found while searching for forums. It’s all from the Mac, but my iPad Pro has exactly the same symptoms. If there is no way I can do it, I sincerely hope you can improve it through the update!


However, I really don't have it as blurry as your books.
If the PDF is too large it may cause slow rendering, but a normal small document should be clear and blurry on a mac due to some screen rendering issues.

On the right is PDF expert for comparison.

Compare with notability

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Thank you for uploading the screenshot. In the same situation as the screenshots you uploaded, the documents are displayed on my iPadPro 11inch in a similar quality to the screenshots you uploaded. In my opinion, when mind maps and documents are shown together, I think the quality of other apps is lower when multi-testing them. So I checked again by adjusting the size of the document window in MN3.

I usually run two document apps, such as Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2, to refer to multiple documents and understand their content. (because documents in the Acrobat app are easy to manage on Windows 10. When you’re not reading a document, play a video at the same time.) So you use the screen configuration in triplicate with margin note mind map, margin note document, and other app document.

When using margin notes only, set two-thirds of the screen to the mind map area, such as Screenshot 3, and one-third area to the document window (or video) area. I checked that the quality of the same document is lower when using it like Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2. (Screenshot 5 doc quality is slightly clearer than Screenshot 4.)

As I analyze them one by one, I feel that there are not many differences in quality. However, I think I feel a big difference when I feel blurry while reading the document. If possible, I would like to read the document in a more clear, consistent quality, even if the configuration of the screen changes.

Does your iPadPro 12.9inch display documents clearly even when you organize the screen like that?

스크린샷4 이미지문서 3등분 화질 스크린샷5 이미지문서 2등분 화질
스크린샷6 이미지문서 3등분 아크로뱃 화질


Yes, it will be blurred after zooming in, so suggest that you zoom in to view the PDF or vertical split the view.

We will consider replacing the PDF kit with a new one to solve the rendering performance problem.

Kind Regards,
Support Team